Wave Pool

Recreation of nature’s ocean shore, the wave pool’s artificial waves promise a fun-filled, action packed activities for children and adults alike. Stay on the shore where the water is shallow and watch as the waves crash on your feet, or go to the deep end where you will rise and fall with the big waves for a thrilling adventure that will get you swooped and pummeled as you catch one wave after another.

Triple Spiral Slide

Hurl your body down on the yellow tube where you will ride in total darkness for the entire ride or jump-into a raft with a partner and ride one of the two checkered tubes with open and enclosed sections that will zig and zag you down at great speeds and eject you at the bottom in the splash pool. Some screams from the tunnel can probably be heard 35 km away all the way to Addis!

Fekat Circus

Kuriftu Water Park is proud to feature the incredibly talented Fekat Circus troupe. Fekat Circus, the Blossoming Circus in Amharic, was established in Addis Ababa in 2008 by young Ethiopian jugglers and acrobats. Today it comprises of 30 professional artists who perform in Ethiopia and internationally. Besides staging professional shows, Fekat Circus spreads the circus arts in the capital through its school and outreach programs (in orphanages, private schools and events). Since 2009, Fekat Circus also provides entertainment activities daily at the pediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital. One of the latest Fekat Circus brand is the “Monthly show”. On the last weekend of each month, Addis Ababans have the chance to attend this extravagant event that is gaining more and more popularity.

Kiddie Water House

Water houses, junior Slides, stairs, bridges, splash roofs and tilting buckets, the giant playground which hosts many fun filled activities for children sits in the middle of a shallow pool where children can play and swim for hours. If hosts two open slides and two tunnel slides adopted for younger children seeking some splash filled fun.

Boomerang Slide

The ultimate thrill slide, this checkered blue white yellow slide sitting at a height that soars 18 meters above the park grounds to the top of the tower, provides a magnificent view of the lush green landscape of the town of Bishoftu. You will be sitting in a yellow raft and sliding down at unnerving speeds while twisting and turning in all directions, at times in the dark, swishing down the walls of the gigantic tube until it spits you out at the bottom into a giant tub. Hang on for a thrill of a lifetime!